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What are the reviews of the customers after using nail services at Sky Nails? Let's check out 

Sky Nails - Nail salon in Woodbury, MN 55125

My mom and I have been into sky nails on a few different occasions and it had always been a positive experience. The salon is clean, professional, and they have plenty of staff so appointments always happen on time. I was in a few days ago for a gel manicure and my manicurist was lovely and chatted with me and checked that I liked my color on my nails once she started painting. She was quick and thorough but made sure my nails were so smooth and so pretty! I have nothing but great things to say about Sky Nails and their services. Great store! "

(5/5 stars - Julia Morrison )

Love this place. It is hands down the most functional nail salon I have been to in years. There are 16 mani stations and 16 Pedi. 8 each, with social distancing they are well sterilized and staffed. The staff are friendly and give great attention to detail. Any issue was addressed immediately and when I asked for special flowers they made sure someone who was good at it did it. Thanks, Jenny."

(5/5 stars - 
Jade Hopkins)

Tracy did beautiful work on my dip manicure. The salon is clean and efficient. All the staff is very warm and welcoming."

(5/5 stars - 
Charlotte Duke)

Who says short nails cannot have fun? Loads of fun this way. My first time here, they do not judge you on how fugly your nails are. The techs all seemed to possess a 'can-do attitude. Everyone that came thru the shop today had some sort of request and all the techs delivered. I had a guy that serviced me and his name was Andy. Great attentive skills, and even with a short french manicure set, he was very still while painting the lines. I am definitely going back! :) "

(5/5 stars - 
Mang V.)

Always a wonderful experience and Vicki does such a nice job; quick, friendly, and professional ... even taking the time to assist in color selection and advise on the best nail shape and length for your hands. They are artists in every way. Thank you."

(5/5 stars - 
Kristin Rogers)

I was a bit reluctant to go get my calloused feet taken care of when my wife asked me to go with her. It was AWESOME!! And a massage chair to boot!! Men, don't be afraid it is good stuff!!! Calluses gone, feet like a baby and didn't have to use the grinder wheel like in Dumb and Dumber!"

(5/5 stars - 
Scott Groth)

I’m currently getting a pedicure and I feel inspired to write a review right away. This place is so clean and so professional. The environment is great. They are taking lots of precautions with Covid and it made me feel comfortable. They have customers sanitize their hands right away when coming in and space customers apart, everyone is wearing a mask and I saw the manager sanitize nail stations that were not even being used when I was there. It was great and I will be back."

(5/5 stars - 
Erin Blesbois)

" My new favorite place for a manicure and pedicure! They don’t rush you through your service and are incredibly clean and professional! " 

(5/5 stars - Ashley Gemar)

I got a mani/Pedi here a few days ago and had to say I was treated very well. Not only was the quality great (and still is a few days later) but the service was wonderful. Everyone who helped me was extra kind and personable. Although there were language barriers at some points, they were very eager to make everything perfect. I had smudged my polish on one of my toes and my manicurist rushed to fix it as I was paying, she really went above and beyond. I usually don’t get gel nails but they talked me into it. I’m so glad I did, they are super shiny and very sturdy. There were a few times I was convinced I chipped my nails but didn’t. Thank you guys for an excellent experience!!" 

(5/5 stars - 
Hannah Johnson)

Very impressed with their service and cleanliness post-covid! They are now appointment only & you must wear a mask. Upon entering the lobby, you are asked to use hand sanitizer before picking out a color. Also after customers are done, the technicians wipe down all surfaces thoroughly, chairs included! They also have glass shields protecting the technicians & customers on each station. I’ll certainly be back, Hanna did a wonderful job trimming and cleaning my cuticles & giving me a gel manicure. Great job Sky Nails!"

(5/5 stars - Monika Perkerwicz)

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